The World of Natural Wine

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⚡️ 🍷The World of Natural Wine 🍇
A new, exciting, must-read book 📔, by Aaron Ayscough.


390,00 kr.

Sold out!

Sold out!

390,00 kr.

Sold out!

You may have heard about Aaron Ayscough the writer of the fantastic blog “Not Drinking Poison” has long been a reference for natural wine lovers. With his new book, he will lead you through his intimate journey with Natural Wine.

What It Is, Who Makes It, and Why It Matters. The book is filled of meticulous and extremely interesting research about the most important natural winemakers in France, plus chapters about how to taste natural wine, serve natural wine, and where to find natural wine.

You also get an in depth look at how natural wine is made, what is natural viticulture and natural vinification, and about the different wine movements happening around Europe.

This is the perfect guide and reference for both professionals and newcomers to the natural wine scene, everything is explained clearly, and is easy to understand while being filled with pro tips, and exciting insights.

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