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299,00 kr.

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299,00 kr.

In stock

Ron Sostenible means “Sustainable Rum” in Spanish. Focused on creating the most
sustainable rum on the market. All Ron Sostenible products are produced in the
Dominican Republic on one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries, where they
use sugar canes that surround the distillery to make these beautiful rums. The rum
is made from pressed sugar cane juice, which means it is not molasses-based rum.
The distillery sources its power for production from the biomass from sugar canes.
Vinasse, the residue of distillation, is used as a natural fertilizer for their sugar cane
fields. 50% of the CO2 from the fermentation process is captured and repurposed
in the production of carbonated drinks. The rum is distilled in column stills and
then stored in bourbon barrels. After 12 months in barrels, Ron Sostenible Blanco is
charcoal filtered to give it its crystal clear appearance. The finished rum is shipped
from the Dominican Republic to Europe on board a ship with sails – and no engine
power! The bottles are made from remelted, recycled glass and produced in Europe
to reduce carbon emissions. The label is printed on sustainable paper, and the cork is
produced sustainably without the use of glue.
We suggest Ron Sostenible Blanco as your best companion for rum-based cocktails
like Mojito, Daiquiri, and Cuba Libre.

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