Apophenia Manifest Skin Contact

Wild Femø Skin Contact FEMØ
85% Rød Aroma 10% Pigeon 5% Frederiksæble, Solaris Grape Skin 5,4%


160,00 kr.

In stock

160,00 kr.

In stock

A cider that reminds a Pet Nat ! and inspiring manifest 🙂


“Support local producers and those who distribute.
Thank them, and thank you for the support! Your money is your voice in the food chain.
Buy from people who do good things for communities and for Mother Earth.
Buy rich produce for your body and mental wellbeing. Believe in the commons, in exchange.
Care for your neighbour.
Use your voice and vote to keep people in power accountable.
Cherish long-term thinking.
Universal Basic income.
Public Health Care.
Be mindful of your unconscious prejudices. Make an effort to navigate Media bias.
The kids are the future.”

A cider by Apophenia made from apples from Femø with a skin contact of Solaris grape.

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