about us

about us

BUDŌ Vin Naturel is a small, family-run store focused on finding and importing natural wines from small scale producers that remain true to their terroir, using dedicated organic farming or biodynamic methods in the vineyard.

We are Alex & Hang, we engaged in the natural wine movement since 2013. After an international career in Paris, Tokyo, Hanoi and Sydney, we’ve slowed down to learn about organic farming on the farm of our friends near Kyoto. Back in Paris, we opened a local organic store and began studies at the Beaune Viticultural School in Burgundy and worked with famous biodynamic winemakers.

Our spirit is more of wine maker rather than a wine dealer. We will not snob you about the flavor, aroma or vintage but to offer you the best selection of winemakers who put their heart in each bunch of grapes for the best juice in your glass and at the same time do care about the environment. Oh and Budō means grape in Japanese!

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